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Poor Purchase, Sale Timing Dings Fund Investor Returns

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Mutual fund and ETF investors reaped average returns during the past 10 years that were 1.7 percentage points less than the total returns garnered by those products over the same period, according to Morningstar’s latest Mind the Gap report.

30% of Americans Earning $250K+ Live Paycheck to Paycheck

June 29, 2022No Comments

Americans are tapping their credit cards, taking on higher monthly balances, according to a new report from Lending Club.

ESG Funds Face Mounting Skepticism. Can Direct Indexing Help?

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Advisors and providers generally agree that there remains at least a segment of the population interested in making an impact with their investing, if not skeptical about how managers go about it. This could leave some investors to eschew comingled funds and ETFs in favor of more personalized portfolios.

Why Psychology is Important in Financial Planning

June 10, 2022No Comments

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards is shining a light on the use of psychology, and advisors share how they’re already using it in their practices.

Charitable Giving a Gateway to Financial Planning: Academic

June 8, 2022No Comments

“[I]t can often be a way to realize what you have and what you have to give from,” according to Elizabeth Dale, an associate professor at the University of Seattle.

Great Time to Be a Silicon Valley Advisor: Morgan Stanley FA

June 1, 2022No Comments

“There are some very unique opportunities for planning" in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, according to Gail Covington.

ETF Insider

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ETF Insider for May 26, 2022

Finfluencers Attracting Finra’s Attention

May 20, 2022No Comments

The self-regulator is keeping an eye on financial influencers, according to its executive vice president of member supervision.

Broker-Dealers’ Trusted Contact Messaging is Critical: Finra

May 17, 2022No Comments

The type of language used could make the difference when it comes to obtaining a trusted contact, according to an executive at the self-regulator.

Women Want to Make an Impact Through ESG Investing: UBS

May 12, 2022No Comments

UBS surveyed 1,400 female investors in January and February.