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The Client: Family wealth/family office

  • September 12, 2017
    How Should RIAs Offer In-House Trust Services?
    Some firms say it brings them closer to a family office model but the majority outsource.
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  • September 1, 2017
    Want to Know How Your Clients Value You? Ask Them
    Survey your clients on how they view the services you provide and you might find some surprises.
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  • September 1, 2017
    UBS Red Tape Cuts: Real or Lip Service?
    Wirehouse says its focus on giving FAs more local control is paying off big time.
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  • August 31, 2017
    Handling Risk Is Key to Serving UHNW Clients
    Wealthy investors look for advisors who can challenge them, plan for various outcomes and remain calm.
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  • August 29, 2017
    Are Wealth Managers Different from Financial Advisors?

    Few financial advisors offer the kind of comprehensive financial planning offered by wealth managers to clients with complex financial needs, David Kanani, president of Kanani Advisory Group, recently argued in an opinion piece. For starters, most advisors can offer a variety of generally available investment products but only a wealth management team can connect clients to a broader array of options. And where wealth management really stands out from “mere” financial advice is “advanced planning.” Wealth managers can provide clients with wealth enhancement strategies to address liquidity and cash-flow issues and minimize taxes, as well as set up an efficient transfer of wealth to the next generation, according to Kanani. Do you agree with Kanani’s delineation? Tell us why or why not in the comments section below.

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  • August 23, 2017
    FAs Shouldn't Rely on Trust Funds for Client Transfer
    Advisors urged to be proactive engaging with their clients' children.
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  • August 10, 2017
    Robo Wars Lead FAs to Bypass Big Names and Upstarts
    In a market ripe for consolidation, advisors create their own alternatives.
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  • August 8, 2017
    Tax Optimization: The Ultimate Differentiator?
    Experts say there’s a lot more to it than old-fashioned tax-loss harvesting.
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  • August 7, 2017
    FAs Have More Potential Clients Than Ever Before
    The ranks of millionaires and the mass affluent are swelling to new highs.
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  • July 20, 2017
    Madoff Scandal Lost Industry $363 Billion
    But financial planners suffered the least.
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