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SEC Chair Urges Crypto Intermediaries to Register with the Commission

December 5, 2022No Comments

Meanwhile, a bipartisan effort is under way to push forward crypto regulation before year's end in the wake of the FTX collapse.

BlackRock CEO: Most Crypto Firms Will Fail in Wake of FTX Collapse

December 2, 2022No Comments

BlackRock invested some $24 million in the cryptocurrency exchange, Larry Fink said, adding that he still believes in crypto’s underlying technology.

UBS Refocuses on the Very Wealthy But Prioritizes Digital Build-out

December 2, 2022No Comments

Chair Colm Kelleher says a desire to focus on the ultra-wealthy was the reason the Wealthfront deal was scrapped.

FTX Ties to U.S. Banks Point to Regulatory Shortfall: Reports

December 1, 2022No Comments

Former regulator staff, banks and trade groups say there’s a lack of clarity from regulators on how traditional financial institutions should engage with digital assets.

Investor Advocate Slams Finra’s Proposed Rule on Residential Offices

November 30, 2022No Comments

The Public Investors Advocate Bar Association contends that a proposal to classify home offices as non-branch locations “leaves considerable opportunity for advisors working from home to skirt the rules.”

What You Should Know About Outsourcing Investment Management

November 29, 2022No Comments

Outsourcing investment management offers advisors the opportunity to free up substantial time while providing their clients with best-in-class solutions.

Fidelity Starts Giving Customers Access to Crypto Trading: Report

November 29, 2022No Comments

The company has sent emails to several users telling them that “the wait is over,” according to The Block, after rolling out a waiting list for crypto trading for interested investors earlier this month.

JPMorgan Leads in Wealth Management Digital Experience: Survey

November 28, 2022No Comments

A J.D. Power survey of wealth management customers also found that advised investors have greater overall satisfaction with their firm’s website and app than self-directed investors do.

Majority of Retail Bitcoin Investors Lost Money, Data Suggests

November 22, 2022No Comments

Most cryptocurrency exchange apps were downloaded when Bitcoin was trading at prices well above its current level, meaning that investors who hung around likely lost money.

Senators to Fidelity: Reconsider Bitcoin in 401(k)s in Light of FTX Collapse

November 22, 2022No Comments

In a letter to Fidelity CEO Abigail Johnson, Democratic senators says the implosion of the crypto exchange shows the prominence of “wunderkinds, opportunistic fraudsters and self-proclaimed investment advisors” in the crypto space.