A new service promises to shed light on a heretofore murky area of the financial-advice business: the precise terms of recruitment offers to brokers in all channels of the industry. The brainchild of Andrew Parish, a wealth manager turned headhunter, AdvisorHUB provides detailed information on “the current recruiting deals for nearly 30 companies,” Parish tells FA-IQ. It launches today as a mobile app, available from Apple and Google at $9.99 per download; the data can also be accessed at AdvisorHubInc.com with a monthly subscription at the same price.

AdvisorHUB covers the wirehouses plus broker-dealers and RIAs “of substance,” according to Parish, who says his information, which comes from strategic relationships that he has developed over years with advice firms and with other recruiters, will be updated every 48 hours. Although the database isn’t comprehensive, he believes it will give advisors the comparables they need to make an informed decision when thinking about making a transition. “Instead of having to go to four different meetings over six months, I’m spending three months” evaluating an offer, Parish says. “That’s time I can be using with clients.” For advisors looking to sell their book or hand their firm to a successor, AdvisorHUB “puts something into their hands that will let them put an honest valuation on their business.”

The similarly named AdvisorHUB Compensation Grid from WealthManagement.com gives overall payout levels across advisor channels for various production ranges. But according to Parish, his new service — which will provide deal terms on assets moved and trailing 12-month revenues “percentage point by percentage point,” according to a press release — doesn’t have a precedent. “The information has not existed in this form,” Parish tells FA-IQ. “There hasn’t been a recruiter of substance who decided it might be a good idea to open the door from a disclosure standpoint. I guess I’m the guy who’s stepping into the gap.”