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A Blog’s Self-Celebration, With a Dash of Insight

August 5, 2013

Blogs are self-promoting by nature, so it’s interesting to come across a post that gives shout-outs to peers and offers genuine insights about the profession while patting itself on the back.

That’s what Bob Seawright accomplishes in his Aug. 1 Above the Market post, which celebrates his two-year “blogiversary.” Seawright’s day job is with Madison Avenue Securities in San Diego, which manages over $242 million, but he clearly blogs with passion. He proclaims that his writing has always been “largely to clarify my own thinking and to force and enforce commitment on my part. Actual readers are a lovely bonus.” (We can’t help thinking that if focus is really Seawright’s main motivator, a personal diary might suffice.)

Advisors who want to be seen as thought leaders must have something to say. It also doesn’t hurt when big names link to your blog. Seawright name-checks other prominent advisor-bloggers, including Michael Kitces, Carl Richards, Barry Ritholtz and Josh Brown (all of whom turn up frequently in FA-IQ), thanking them for supporting and promoting his work.

But there’s plenty of substance in Above the Market. Take Seawright’s June 4 entry, which lays out 10 ways advisors earn their keep — despite the vogue for passive investing. (Hint: No index fund can help a client set goals or plan for old age.) Or his Feb. 28 entry on why human aversion to probabilities pushes us to favor simple stories that fit preconceived patterns. Or his Oct. 1 entry, which compares advisors’ urge to gloss over their own mistakes to an airbrushed Esquire photo of Michelle Pfeiffer.

What is perhaps Seawright’s most stunning piece came a few days before the “blogiversary” cheer. He muses on the philosophical debate over free will versus determinism, relating it to investment decisionmaking.

That’s a lovely bonus for Seawright’s readers.

By Chris Latham
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