Some financial advisors have thousands of social-network followers — in part because they regularly devote time to posting newsy, thoughtful or provocative remarks. Those below appeared on Twitter between May 27 and May 31. They have been minimally edited for clarity.

A great idea. Next IRS inquiry you receive say: "I have done nothing wrong. I have nothing more to say." (Lois Lerner, an IRS director.) — Chuck Rylant, C. J. Rylant Wealth Management, Santa Maria, Calif.

Now really...has anyone read a book or attended a workshop that actually helped them make changes in their $$ behavior? — Carl Richards, BAM Alliance, Park City, Utah

Just read a stockbroker's letter to client attempting to give financial advice — full of errors and mistruths. How do they get away with it? — Alan Smith, Capital Asset Management, London

Advisors, how do you get clients to open your secure emails? Or do they languish unopened? — Susan Weiner, Susan B. Weiner Investment Writing, Boston

I doubt my relationships w/clients so I work hard for those Thank You's that make me happy. — Cory Papineau, CFP, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mirror clients and ask open-ended questions when you are concerned about cognitive impairment. — Carolyn McClanahan, Life Planning Partners, Jacksonville, Fla.

Data tells, but stories sell = behavioral economics effect. Depends how info is packaged. Must be emotional. — Scott Truhlar, radiologist and "practitioner of personal financial planning," Iowa City, Iowa