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What Financial Advisors Are Tweeting and Posting

By the FA-IQ Team May 20, 2013

Some financial advisors have thousands of followers on Twitter and other social networks — in part because they regularly devote time to posting newsy, thoughtful or provocative remarks. The tweets and posts below appeared on social networks between May 13 and May 17. They have been minimally edited for punctuation and spelling.

IRA money can be used to fund an investment home, but you turn LT cap gains into ordinary income. Run away! — Rick Kahler, Kahler Financial, on Twitter

Female advisors are more risk-averse than male counterparts — that's proven to be a good thing. That's why I have a woman partner! — Mitch Slater, UBS, on Twitter

Gold is both "a store of value" as well as a plaything for institutional investors to bat around like cats with a ball of string. — Josh Brown, author of The Reformed Broker blog, on Twitter

Old Wall Street Wisdom: Sell when the news anchors leave to launch hedge funds. — Josh Brown, on Twitter

Looking for clues in financial headlines is the investing equivalent of reading tea leaves. — Carl Richards, BAM Alliance, on Twitter

Pay attention, retirees: Take your IRA RMD [required minimum distribution] when you're 70.5 or pay a 50% (yep, 50%!) penalty on the amount you're supposed to withdraw. — Ric Edelman, Edelman Financial Services, on Twitter

Well, it’s happened. The Dow broke through the 15,000 mark. And I am furious. Check out last week’s Cutter Family Finances article "When Will the Music Stop?" for my thoughts! — Jeffrey Cutter, Cutter Financial Group, on LinkedIn