Advisors aiming to hang their shingles for the first time might do well to look west of the Mississippi, according to new data from SmartAsset.

The outlet looked at average advisor pay, cost of rent and the average proportion of rent residents pay in 100 U.S. cities, and it compared those figures to the proportion of households with incomes exceeding $200,000 and the proportion of the population between the ages of 45 and 64 to determine the best markets for advisors starting out.

Anchorage, Alaska came in as the number one locale for young advisors, jumping to the top spot from 50th place in the prior iteration of the study. Fremont, California and Plano, Texas placed second and third, respectively.

The only East Coast cities to crack the top 10 were Chesapeake and Richmond, Virginia, which tied for ninth place.

SmartAsset notes that the average advisor is between 54 and 57, which makes it critical for firms to recruit young talent.

The city with the highest average reported pay on the list is Fremont, with an annual reported salary of $161,010. But the city places second on the list overall, since rent is likely to gobble up 12.9% of that haul.

Rent in Anchorage, on the other hand, is apt to represent closer to 11% of the $148,140 the average advisor earns, according to the report.

Fremont is also the city with the highest proportion of residents earning more than $200,000, with nearly 32%.

The city on the list with the lowest average annual salary is Orlando, Florida, with $78,110. Rent in the fast-growing central Florida city would likely eat up 17.9% of that pay. And only 6.6% of households in the city earn more than $200,000, according to SmartAsset's analysis. It ranks 89th.

The government data used for pay accounts only for salary, not bonuses or other compensation.

Toledo, Ohio is the city with the smallest proportion of households earning more than $200,000: less than 1%. The city lands in 68th place.

Hialeah, Florida comes in first with the biggest proportion of pre-retirees, according to the SmartAsset analysis, but 90th overall. (Rent is 12.38% of the average $108,610 salary; less than 2% of the population earns more than $200,000). Plano is just a few basis points lower in the proportion of pre-retirees, with 34.03%.

In fact, all but five of the cities listed have at least 25% of the population in the 45-to-64 age range. Madison, Wisconsin (27th place) has the smallest proportion of people in that range, with 22.67%. Boston (81st), Lubbock, Texas (93rd), Pittsburgh (15th) and Washington D.C. (35th) each have between 24.14% and 24.94% of people in that range.

The Jacksonville Business Journal first reported on the list. Low rent (7.84% of the average $120,130 FA salary) is a major driver of that Florida city's 25th-place ranking, the publication reports.

One drawback for Jacksonville is the number of wealthy prospects: Only 4.7% of the population earns more than $200,000, according to the Business Journal.

Jacksonville’s largest financial planning firm is Coastal Wealth, which has 10 CPFs, followed by Paragon Wealth Strategies, with six and B&C Financial Advisors with four, the publication writes.