Tax Favored Benefits has formed a new sister company that will be led by six financial advisors previously registered with Ameritas.

David Wentz, Bill Stapp, Josh Selzer, Tim Gaigals, Dan Dolan and Adam Bettis will head the new entity, TFB Advisors, according to the firm. The new entity is expected to have around $2 billion in client assets after the completion of the transition of the assets, Gaigals says in the announcement.

“The new RIA structure will allow us to offer new investment and financial planning solutions to clients,” he added in the announcement.

Wentz and Dolan, who’ve both been in the financial services industry since 1991, joined Ameritas in 2006, according to BrokerCheck. Stapp joined the industry in 1996, Selzer and Gaigals in 2003 and Bettis in 2007, and all of them also came to Ameritas in 2006, according to their BrokerCheck profiles.

The advisors remain registered as brokers with Ameritas but are now registered as investment advisors with TFB Advisors, according to BrokerCheck.

"We've been working together for many years now," Wentz said in the announcement, "but it was time to formalize our partnership. This new entity, TFB Advisors, will allow us to best serve our clients. The decision to form TFB Advisors, LLC as a new sister company to Tax Favored Benefits, Inc. was driven by the desire to enhance the client experience."