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VanEck has bolstered its thematic ETF range with the launch of strategies targeting the future of food and space.

The $72 billion fund group's VanEck Sustainable Future of Food Ucits ETF and VanEck Space Innovators Ucits ETF have been listed on London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse Xetra.

The first product invests in around 35 innovative companies from around the world positioning themselves early for the transformation of the food industry.

The ETF closely tracks the performance of the MVIS Global Future of Food ESG Index, which features companies that generate at least 50% of their revenues in the food sector or with innovative agricultural technologies.

According to VanEck, investment opportunities are primarily offered by alternative proteins, new types of dairy products and the technologies used to produce these foods.

In its individual stock selection, the New York-based asset manager focuses on the areas of food technology, precision agriculture, agricultural sustainability.

Martijn Rozemuller, chief executive of VanEck's European business, said, "The production of food, especially meat, harms both the environment and health.

"This is due to fertilizers, weed killers and other artificial additives in livestock feed, hormones used in raising animals for slaughter, deforestation to make room for farms, air pollution from long transport routes and methane emissions from large farms."

He added, "Without profound changes in agriculture and food production, the world will not be able to stop climate change. With all this in mind, consumers around the world are now demanding alternatives."

Meanwhile the Space Innovators ETF aims to offer investors access to some of the currently largest and most liquid companies in the global space industry, tracking as closely as possible the performance of the MVIS Global Space Industry ESG Index.

The strategy invests in companies helping to shape this new era of space travel, from sectors including satellite equipment, communications, research and space tourism. Only companies with the potential to generate at least 50% of their revenue from space-related business are selected.

VanEck has picked out five areas of space travel to focus on: reusable rockets, low-cost satellites, space tourism, climate research, and greenhouse gas monitoring.

With an environmental, social and governance filter, the ETF specifically excludes severely controversial companies as well as manufacturers of controversial weapons, including biological and chemical weapons, cluster munitions and anti-personnel mines.

"A new space age has begun. In recent years, space technologies have made great strides, and the cost of rocket launches and satellites has dropped significantly," said Rozemuller.

"As a result, space has become a lot easier and cheaper to reach, opening up entirely new business areas," he added.