Most Americans consider passing on some of their wealth to heirs, but few are open about what they’re planning to do exactly, according to survey findings.

Around 78% of 3,325 Americans surveyed by Ameriprise are taking steps to ensure generational wealth, including saving money strategically, investing in stocks or real estate or building a business they plan to pass on to heirs. The respondents, who were surveyed in January and February, are aged 30 to 70 with at least $100,000 in investable assets.

Around 67% of respondents say that passing on their wealth to heirs is important for them — and 45% believe they’re on track to pass on generational wealth, according to the survey.

Nonetheless, only 19% are completely transparent about what they’re doing and their plans for their wealth with their family, Ameriprise says.

Among all investors, including those who plan to leave money to their family, 33% say they’re not discussing their finances and estate plans because “it’s none of their business,” while 32% agree with the statement “I have shared some information, but don’t feel it’s necessary to be completely transparent,” according to the survey. And 18% aren’t sharing too much because they don’t want to deal with potential conflicts, Ameriprise says.

Not being transparent with their families, however, may eventually cause problems, according to Ameriprise.

“Whether their fears are founded or not, the concern we have is that these investors are avoiding topics of conversation that can have major impacts on the legacy of their estates and cause confusion and hurt feelings down the line,” Marcy Keckler, senior vice president of financial advice strategy at Ameriprise, said in a statement.

“We understand that money can be a stressful topic, especially among family members whose shared histories and financial situations may be complicated. That said, keeping everyone in the dark can exacerbate tensions," he added.

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