FA-IQ reached out to advisors to ask: What are your clients’ top concerns?

Ken Roban, managing director and wealth manager at Reservoir Road Financial Group at Steward Partners Global Advisory. New York City-based Roban has been in the industry for 25 years and has $250 million in client assets.

“Market volatility is always a concern but for many clients it has become the norm. The war in Ukraine, inflation ... interest rates are all currently at the top of the worry list, as they are the most newsworthy items causing market volatility today.

For us, risk management has always been of paramount importance. Our clients understand that a certain amount of market volatility is acceptable. However, they expect us to mitigate excessive risk where it is possible to do so.

Ken Roban
Within our equity allocations, our focus continues to be on quality, dividend growth and option income strategies. Even though interest rates have risen, low rates are still a concern for clients who would like to generate a consistent stream of income without taking too much risk. Quality companies with rising dividends have always been at the heart of our portfolios. Consistently increasing cash flow helps our clients maintain a balanced view of their financial plan in the face of market volatility. Educating our clients about alternative strategies, which include commodities and credit as well as equity market neutral, only enhances our ability to create well-balanced and durable portfolios.

Away from the news cycle, many clients are concerned about the polarization within our country and the durability of America's leading role in the world. There are deep concerns within my client base that their children and grandchildren will have a more difficult time than they did. Diversification helps mitigate this concern as well, but it is causing some clients to err on the side of extreme caution.”

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