Harris Nydick, managing member of CFS Investment Advisory Services, shares with FA-IQ how he is coping with work-from-home arrangements resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Totowa, N.J.-based Nydick has 35 years of industry experience and his firm has $1.5 billion in client assets.

“We are very fortunate because we have an extensive emergency work protocol at our firm that we tested in December 2019.

All of our employees are working from home with technology that allows us to remain in regular contact with one another through MS Teams, Sharepoint, One Note and Zoom meetings. This also allows us to have interactive meetings with our clients as well. We have spent virtually all of our time talking, emailing and having virtual meetings with our clients since the pandemic started to minimize anxiety about the markets and their investments. I have also increased the Internet speed at home to keep everything humming.

Harris Nydick

Personally, I don’t mind being homebound, but I do try to take a walk whenever I can. Our kids are grown and live on their own with their significant others. My wife is a kindergarten teacher, so she spends most of her day educating 15 five-year-old children via computer while trying to balance the evolving needs of the administrators of the school and the learning expectations of the students and parents.

I try to work from one of the furthest points away from her work-from-home center so that we both can concentrate on the tasks at hand. With my cell phone and Microsoft Surface handy, I am very mobile. I have a lot of gratitude for having access to technology that enables me to maintain excellent communication with our clients and staff.”