State securities regulators all over the country are rolling out relief for financial services professionals in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many states — such as Florida — are at the least extending filing deadlines, according to notices posted by state securities regulators on the website of the North American Securities Administrators Association.

Some states — such as New York and Massachusetts — are also granting temporary relief from certain filing requirements, in addition to the deadline extensions.

And several state regulators — including those in New Jersey, New Mexico, Delaware, Indiana and Maine — are also allowing “displaced” financial professionals to carry out their professional duties even if they’re not registered to do so specifically in the jurisdiction in which they’re based. The move is aimed at allowing financial professionals to continue serving clients as more employers encourage their workers to work remotely while more states institute stay-at-home policies.

Other relief measures offered by the states include waiving of late fees and suspension of training requirements, among other provisions.

In addition, several state regulators — such as those in Connecticut, Oklahoma and Tennessee — have also announced that while their staff are mostly working remotely, they intend to remain operational.

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