Scott Hapgood, the suspended UBS employee charged with manslaughter in the killing of a hotel employee in Anguilla, has sued the hotel, according to news reports.

Hapgood filed suit Monday in a Marin County, Calif., Superior Court, claiming that Auberge Resorts, the chain that owns the Malliouhana hotel where the alleged killing took place, was “legally responsible” for his ordeal, according to Fox Business.

Registered as a broker-dealer representative with UBS, Hapgood was charged in April 2019 in the killing of Kenneth Mitchel, a 27-year-old maintenance employee at the hotel, as a result of a struggle during which Hapgood allegedly had his arm around Mitchel’s neck.

Hapgood was released on bail and left the British Overseas Territory to return home to Darien, Conn. He has claimed self-defense from the beginning, alleging that Mitchel showed up unannounced, armed and demanding money and then attacked him.

A coroner in Anguilla eventually ruled that Mitchel would have been killed by the high levels of cocaine in his system at the time of the struggle.

“According to its marketing, the ‘Auberge way’ in hospitality means ‘unforgettable experiences in storied destinations.’ But to plaintiff Scott Hapgood … the ‘Auberge way’ means something different,” Hapgood’s lawsuit states, according to Fox Business. “It means getting attacked at knifepoint by a high, intoxicated 27-year-old hotel employee, being viciously stabbed, clawed, bitten and beaten fearing for his life and his family."

Hapgood had returned to the island for a scheduled hearing in August but skipped one scheduled in November claiming that local authorities refused to guarantee his safety and his return to the U.S. on bail. Anguilla authorities declared Hapgood a fugitive.

Hapgood’s suit against the hotel comes a little over a month after the estate of Kenny Mitchel sued Hapgood in Connecticut U.S. District Court for damages of more than $75,000, alleging that Hapgood acted negligently.