Mercer Global Advisors continues growing its reach through acquisitions, most recently adding a wealth management practice in California, Mercer Advisors says.

Founded by Alan Hewitt in 2006, Camarillo, Calif.-based AL Hewitt is a fee-only RIA that oversees $100 million for around 120 clients, according to a press release from Mercer Advisors. Hewitt also offers tax preparation services, working on more than 4,000 tax returns annually, Mercer Advisors says.

“We had lots of interest in our firm; there was no shortage of potential buyers,” Alan and Josette Hewitt, who together had founded the tax practice A.V. Tax and Business Services in 1990 prior to the launch of AL Hewitt, say in the press release. “Succinctly, I had three primary deal criteria and the firm that best answered those questions (and verified through due diligence) would be our new partner. First, we had to share the same business values and put clients’ interests first. Second, the purchase price and terms needed to be fair and competitive. Third, my staff would not only be taken care of but also have career path opportunities beyond what I could offer. Dave Barton addressed each of these three criteria (among many other questions) and Mercer Advisors passed my test with flying colors.”

The companies didn’t disclose the financial terms of the deal.

The acquisition marks Mercer Advisors’ ninth office in California and brings its total assets under management across the country to around $17 billion, according to the press release.

In September, Mercer Advisors acquired a $100 million practice in New Mexico, and in August, it acquired a Connecticut RIA managing $300 million. Mercer Advisors added four RIAs in the first half of 2019 that collectively managed $1.2 billion.

The company now has more than 390 employees working out of 45 offices around the country, the company says.