Financial advisors looking to compete with discount brokerages for affluent clients should likely focus on ensuring their clients recommend their services to others, according to a recent report.

Affluent investors are particularly influenced by “unaided awareness,” with an average of 50% citing Fidelity when asked to come up with a firm working in wealth management, Cerulli Associates found.

“The firm’s extensive advertising, combined with its presence as a retirement plan provider for millions of participants, make it the most formidable brand in the wealth management segment,” Scott Smith, director of advice relationships at Cerulli, says in a press release from the company.

Fidelity’s ubiquity is followed by that of Charles Schwab, cited by an average of 33% when asked to come up with a provider in the space, and Vanguard, cited by 23%, according to a press release from Cerulli.

Fortunately for other financial advisors, however, investors don’t always turn to firms that come to mind first; they also rely on recommendations from friends and family, Cerulli found.