A former UBS Financial Services broker has filed an arbitration claim accusing the firm of keeping some of the fees due to outside managers and failing to properly compensate him, according to news reports.

Peter de Castro, who was registered with UBS rom 2009 until 2018 and oversaw around $300 million, alleges that UBS paid only 30 to 40 basis points of the 50 basis points that was supposed to go to third-party managers, FA-IQ sister publication FundFire writes, citing a Finra arbitration claim. UBS also allegedly failed to inform its advisors about negotiating lower fees and didn’t pay de Castro the credits or commissions on the revenue it withheld from the external managers, according to the claim cited by FundFire.

About half of de Castro’s revenue came from third-party asset managers, the publication writes, citing the claim.

De Castro left UBS in 2018 over its alleged “improper tactics,” and claims that he only received $20,000 of the $240,000 in his deferred compensation package, according to the claim cited by FundFire. He now works at RBC Wealth Management, the publication writes.

The claim seeks more than $1 million in damages, according to FundFire.

UBS didn’t respond to the publication’s request for comment.

The arbitration claim was first reported by AdvisorHub, according to FundFire.