The family of the UBS employee accused of manslaughter in the death of a hotel employee in Anguilla last month refutes another hotel worker’s allegation that the advisor overpowered the employee, according to news reports.

In April, Anguilla’s authorities charged Gavin Scott Hapgood, who’s registered as a broker-dealer representative with UBS, in the killing of Kenneth Mitchel but released him on bail and allowed him to return home to Connecticut.

Hapgood and his family continue trying to clear his name, claiming he had acted in self-defense, according to news reports. Anguilla’s police and the coroner say Mitchel died from choking and beating.

Last week, Hapgood’s family released a statement refuting allegations made by another hotel worker to the New York Post, the Daily Mail writes. The worker, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Post that Hapgood overpowered Mitchel and then sat on him, preventing him from breathing, and wouldn’t get off him until the arrival of the police.

A spokeswoman for the family tells the Daily Mail that it was “a security guard who identified himself as such” who restrained “the attacker,” who was still alive and being carried away by medical staff as Hapgood left the room for emergency care.

“The statements from someone presumed to be a co-worker of the armed attacker are riddled with inaccuracies and paint a false and highly misleading picture of Scott’s actions to defend himself against a vicious assailant,” Kelcey Kintner, the family’s spokeswoman, tells the paper.

Kintner also denied the hotel worker’s allegations that Hapgood was barely bleeding, according to the Daily Mail.

The worker had told the Post that he did not see most of the marks of bruising and bleeding shown in a photo the family released shortly after the charges were made.

Hapgood is scheduled to appear in court in Anguilla on Aug. 22 and his lawyer on the island has said that he fully intends to come back for the hearing.