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Why Northern Trust Has Shifted Positions to Capture Strategic Investment Opportunities

By Garrett Keyes November 27, 2018

Northern Trust has shifted its investment positions to capitalize on short- and long-term strategic opportunities the firm sees presenting themselves as markets enter a lower return environment in 2019, Jim McDonald, executive vice president and chief investment strategist of Northern Trust, tells FA-IQ.

McDonald is not alone in predicting impending market changes. Rich Steinberg, managing director and partner of HSW Advisors, previously told FA-IQ volatility may be on the upswing. Coming off a period of historically low volatility, advisors can expect to experience incremental volatility, and it will feel worse due to the economy exiting a period of benign volatility, he said.

Speaking with FA-IQ at the Schwab conference in Washington, D.C., McDonald outlines what Northern Trust is doing to take advantage of short- and long-term investment opportunities that may present themselves, and how they will cope with changing market conditions: