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February 12, 2018

Loss of Roth 'Mulligans' Seen as Planning Crimp
New IRS ruling gives conversion strategies a reprieve, but only temporarily.
Why Bitcoin Millionaires Aren’t Going to Traditional FAs
People who’ve made millions in cryptocurrencies are reinvesting in startups instead.
Insurance Commissioners Are Crafting Their Own Best Interest Standard
NAIC proposes, among other things, that a recommendation need not be the least expensive annuity product at the time of the transaction.
Securities America Nabs Two More NPH Firms from LPL
A super OSJ and a consortium of independent financial advisors collectively oversee $3.5 billion.
How Advisors Can Help Clients With Crowdfunding Due Diligence
Advisors should help their clients invest smartly even when it’s for a good cause.